Sanna Nordström

Biodiversity data made available through LifeWatch

Large amounts of biodivesity data reflecting the state of the Swedish environment is continuously accumulated by scientists, conservationists and amateurs. The data is, however, stored in many different databases. Swedish LifeWatch makes all this information available and searchable through a common electronic infrastructure. In addition it offers tools for analyses, visualisation and presentation.


Swedish LifeWatch, data from The Swedish Species Information systems and other databases are made available through a common infrastructure. The simplest way of accessing all data offered by LifeWatch is through Analysportalen. You may also use our web services to collect data for your GIS program, or devise your own solutions based on our services.

International cooperation

The LifeWatch concept was originally a large-scale European infrastructural venture aiming at making biodiversity data readily accessible. Some twenty countries declared their interest in partaking in European LifeWatch and took an active part in the preparatory work founded by the EU 2008-2011. Discussions and planning of future cooperation are currently in progress on both the European and the Scandinavian level. Sweden has taken the lead, being the first European country to initiate the development of a national LifeWatch structure.


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